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Margarita  is the

winner of 2017 "Ms. MD Bellydancer" 

Competition that took place at MD Bellydance Convention. 

She taught intensive workshops and performed at the Interfusion 

Festival several times. 

Margarita worked 5 years as the leading model for the BellydancestoreShe has always been 

interested in dance, music, 

languages and different cultures. 

After getting her Masters 

Degree in Romance and Germanic Languages 

in Russia, she lived in 

Germany for a year and 

later relocated to the US with her family.

Margarita Kleese

Margarita learned the art of belly dance in Russia  and mastered it in the United States: she took classes with the best instructors in the area- Samira Shuruck, Yasmin Henkesh and Latifa.

Margarita attended numerous workshops with the world famous artists: Saidi, Alla Kushnir, Shahrzard, Jillina..... She performed at the largest MD festival Art of The Belly with the live band and was lucky enough to dance for the King of Qatar and his immediate family.

Now she would love to share her passion for this beautiful Middle Eastern Artform with you!

Performances are offered in Baltimore and Washington DC metro area. Margarita danced in numerous restaurants and lounges throughout the area for 10+ years.

Regular Shows  are offered at Cazbar, Columbia, MD. Make reservations @ 

Private party rates:

$400 for 20-25 min show.

$600 for weddings OR for shows for 30 min or more.

Travel fees will apply for longer than 45 min travel.

Private classes are available $100 an hour via zoom.

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